Berlin Food Week


Dr. Stefan Elfenbein, President of the „Jury Berliner Meisterköche“ about the Berlin Food Week.

New York, London, Paris, Tokio! Without question, all of these cities are wonderful! However, experience truly great culinary arts these days either requires being of wealthy parentage of having a very generous sponsor. Therefore, it does not seem surprising, that thousands of people are continuously moving to Berlin. It seems as though young people and foodies in particular are moving to Berlin to fulfill their visions, and of course to do what ever they feel like doing. With their move to Berlin they do not only support the city with exciting experiences and local products from their hometowns but also ignite an appetite to create new and extraordinary things.

Every corner you turn, new markets, clubs and street food stands are opening up. At home people are taking matters into their own hands by creating home cooked meals, generating new food blogs but are also creating their own personal garden with everything they need. In addition, Berlins top chefs are braver compared to those from other cities. However, the guests that visit Berlins restaurants are the ones that are seeking these new and innovative food aspects, and therefore also contribute in making Berlin an exciting food city and maybe even, at least in my opinion, making Berlin the new “food capital”.

Berlins newest culinary phenomenon “The Berlin Food Week” wants to take things to the next level, and even further. Berlins food weeks wants to show how different, colorful, diverse and easy going the food scene can be. An innovative idea for food lovers already started 18 years ago when the 14 best food critics came together to create a jury, named “Jury Berliner Meisterköche”. On behalf of the jury, I want to wish all of the cooks, producers and guests of the Berlin Food Week a lovely and delightful week and a good start!