Späti Deluxe


Getting the feeling of the Späti in the House of Food! Our Späti Deluxe will be the meeting point of manufacturers and food brands offering visitors new things to explore, taste and buy. What would be Berlin without its famous night shops, the Späti? The small shops belong to the city’s soul just like the Berlin lager or the Currywurst with no casing. Historically seen these shops were the only opportunity for night-shifters to do grocery shopping. Today, however, Spätis do not only sell basic foods and cold beverages, ranging from cheap beer to exquisite champaign, all around the clock. They’re popularity comes with their status as a dynamic hub in the neighbourhood and a low-cost supplier for visitors of Berlin. It’s the first time for the Späti Deluxe to be located in the House of Food at Kraftwerk during Berlin Food Week. The first-class deli combines the social and communicative aspect of the Späti with Berlin’s diverse culinary landscape that our guests are invited to explore. Manufacturers, producers as well as food brands and service providers are on board, presented as we know it from our regular supermarkets: in shelves. You won’t miss any personal guidance since, though. Our exhibitors will give you insights to their work via tastings and presentations. Here visitors can stroll around, see new products and taste these. Of course they can buy their freshly explored delicacies straight away as it is common in the concept of a Späti. However, the unusual fact is, you won’t find these products in no regular supermarket.

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Among others there’ll be the Berlin food start-up Kiyora Tea which imports selected organic matcha. In the House of Food the team of Kiyora will show you how you can use matcha and will, of course, give you a good taste of their products. Furthermore, buying one of these means a good deed: Each sold pack will give one Euro to the Japanese educational programme Moriumius, raising children’s awareness for the topics nature, environment and agriculture.

Those who rather satisfy their thirst for caffeine with coffee should try one of the creations at the coffee table of the roasting house Tres Cabezas. The manufactory from Berlin-Friedrichshain has been roasting at Boxhagener Straße for over 10 years with a firm focus on fair trade and organic farming.

Nutritionist and alternative practitioners developed the organic teas for TeaTox in order to harmonize body, mind and soul through the natural power of tea blends.

Next to exquisite jams from the Brandenburg manufacturer Marmelo, you will find detox packages from Kukimi in our Späti Deluxe, vegan, organic and crispy cereals from BuntWild or distinct olive oil from Olive Joy. Who rather feels like exploring new dimensions of spirituous beverages should give it a try with O’Donnell Moonshine, Belsazar Vermouth, Zimtzitze Liköre, Fräulein Brösels Schnapserwachen and Mermaid Rum. Furthermore, food start-ups will present their products and services: gourmet boxes from Foodist and Try Foods, premium delivery service from Deliveroo, ready-to-go cooking boxes from Marley Spoon or grocery delivery from Bantivo. At Späti Deluxe everybody will get their money worth, be it the professional gourmet, the foodie or the absolute beginner.



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