the taste of berlin


We love good food – which is exactly why we love this city. Berlin offers a versatile world of food experiences; street food culture vs. excellent fine cuisine options, high-class cooking interacting with exotically experimental menus. Various supper clubs are located throughout the many districts of the city, inviting unacquainted guests to share their love of discovering fine food choices in an exclusive dinner party setting. Local manufacturers and framers prove that quality usually starts on a small scale. Meanwhile, established labels show that they have understood the emerging ideas of a certain responsibility in nutrition, which leads to an improved consciousness in lifestyle.

The taste of Berlin is made up of regional and international cuisine. We are convinced that no other city offers such a broad gastronomical skill set. Therefore, what would be better than to create a Berlin Food Week? A week that revolves solely around food, illuminating the variety of wonderful food choices this contemporary, intercultural metropolis has to offer. We are convinced this new theme-week will quickly secure its spot as one of Berlin’s annual highlights amongst the likes of the Fashion Week, the Music Week, the Art Week and the Web Week.

It’s our mission to provide an interactive platform for foodies, connoisseurs, professionals and recreational chefs to network, exchange their food experiences and further enjoy each other’s ideas and concepts. During the course of the Berlin Food Week we want to present the latest, most innovative trends and formats Berlin has to show for. By encouraging a mixture of modern and traditional compositions, the Berlin Food Week is an exciting event for Berlin foodies, locals, urban explorers and visitors as wells as food experts, bloggers, gastronomes, producers and labels.

We believe in Berlin’s future as a city of brilliant gusto and therefore want to contribute to its evolution into an acclaimed international food metropolis.

Enjoy the taste of Berlin!

Alexander van Hessen & Sandro von Czapiewski